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About us

Dr. Ken Mix

Dr. Ken Mix owned and operated Sown By Hand, a produce farm just outside of Indianapolis, IN, from 1989-1996. The farm was the first major supplier of fresh produce. Sown By Hand supplied more than 10 grocery stores of a local large chain, and top restaurant chefs in the region. Depending on the season and year, the farm had up to 20 acres in cultivation with crops including heirloom crops, tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkins. The farm was innovative for the early 90’s; utilizing a European style intensive planting scheme, applying only a single herbicide for grass control once a year and only once, in the history of the farm, was an insecticide applied. At the time, this type of maintenance was known as “low input agriculture”, and would be more akin to the familiar “sustainable agriculture” system of today. In 2009, he trialed the concept of micro-urban agriculture by starting a cut-flower farm in his 30x45 backyard. The project produced approximately 6,000 cut flowers valued at nearly $20,000. His agricultural background also includes nursery plants and greenhouse production.

Dagoberto Osorio

Graduate Student - Farm Manager

Dagoberto “Dag” Osorio received undergrad from Texas State University in Agricultural Business & Management. He is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in horticulture. Dag believes in farming practices that, “nurture the skin that is the Earth’s soil. After all, agriculture is not just a business, but a way of life.” Dag enjoys working with nature and plants while learning about sustainable agricultural practices. He believes in a social, ecological, and economical balance between our food system and its practices. When he is not at the farm, Dag can be found working on his bee farm, hiking or biking around San Marcos.