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Current Graduate Students

The Department of Agricultural Sciences offers an M.S. in Integrated Agricultural Sciences. This degree is the first of its kind in Texas, and produces graduates with the multidisciplinary technological and professional skills capable of addressing and solving complex food system challenges. 

student and faculty member in lab working with microscope

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Ian Anderson

Hometown: Industry, TX
Research area: Investigation of consumer demand for local produce

tritsch headshot

Katie Tritsch

Hometown: Houston, TX
Research area: Needs assessment of Texas small producers

conway headshot

Amonea Conway

Hometown: Spring, TX
Research area: Economics of food waste reduction

Katherine Westerman headshot

Katherine Westerman

Hometown: Austin, TX
Research area: Economics of soil science

prokash deb

Prokash Deb

Hometown: Sylhet, Bangladesh
Research area: Aquaculture and fisheries economics

Anisa Elizondo headshot

Anisa Elizondo

Hometown: Austin, TX
Research area: Food safety and consumer preference

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Brianna Barnett

Research area: Assessing professional development needs of agriculture faculty based on college size

malorie diamond headshot

Malorie Diamond

Hometown: San Antionio, TX
Research area: Identifying early onset pubescence in goats through endocrinology

Crystal Russo headshot

Crystal Russo

Hometown: Mcmahan, Texas
Research area: Effects of animal nutrition on the gut microbiome

Collin Hayes headshot

Collin Hayes

Hometown: College Station, TX
Research area: Synergistic effects of combining various plant products with dewormers to treat parasites in ruminants that are resistant to available anthelmintics

Fnu Suoerga headshot

FNU Suoerga

Hometown: Inner Mongolian, China
Research area: Livestock feeds

Meagan Knipp headshot

Meagan Knipp

Hometown: Cypress, TX
Research area: Goat parasite geo-location

Trixie Wetmore headshot

Trixie Wetmore

Hometown: Carthage, NY
Research area: Self-medication of goats against Haemonchus contortus infection using garlic

Carolina Mesquita headshot

Carolina Souza Mesquita

Hometown: Brazil
Research area: The effects of water configuration (form) in beef loins on color, tenderness and electrical conductivity

emily arnold headshot

Emily Arnold

Hometown: Austin, TX Research area: Soil remediation

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Jaycob Gorski

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX
Research area: Agricultural biological control; wasp diet modification for targeted pest control

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Jeff McAfee

Hometown: Austin, TX
Research area: Soil and hydroponic microbiology

burt barnes headshot

Burt Barnes

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX
Research area: Soil Science laboratory curriculum

michael kelly headshot

Michael Kelly

Research area: Biological control of Pythium in hydroponic strawberries: compost tea versus endo mycorrhizae

Rafea Sultana Rea headshot

Rafea Sultana Rea

Hometown: Bangladesh
Research area: Soil and plant nutrition

cody brown headshot

Cody R. Brown

Hometown: Andrews, TX
Research area: Restoration agriculture centered around soil health and perennial cropping systems

Ryan Manthei headshot

Ryan Manthei

Hometown: Andrews, TX
Research area: Vermicompost in hydroponics

Sony Sandhu headshot

Harpreet (Sony) Kaur Sandhu

Hometown: Punjab, India
Research area: Botanical control of sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius)

flores headshot

Rose M. Flores

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Research area: Biodynamics in Viticulture

Phoebe Mau headshot

Phoebe Mau

Hometown: Austin, TX
Research area: Viniculture