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USDA Grad students travel to Costa Rica to learn sustainable farming practices

Posted by Jayme Blaschke, University News Service

April 30, 2014

Six graduate students in the Department of Agriculture at Texas State University will travel to Costa Rica May 14-28. The trip, funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture grants, will provide an opportunity for Adriana Aleman, Erica Molina, Elise Valdes, Jessica Espinoza, David Vela and Shawntel Lopez to learn about sustainable farming practices in a country where those farming practices are prevalent.



United States Department of Agriculture
National Institute of Food and Agriculture


The Agriculture Department and Texas State University are proud to have been selected to be part of an exceptional educational opportunity for Hispanic students in Texas. We have been chosen by the USDA as one of seven institutions nationwide to be part of a four-year project known as “Food Safety and Agroterrorism Training: Educating Our Future Workforce.”

The grant’s objectives include creation and implementation a Joint Admissions Agreement with Texas State University and Laredo Community College / Palo Alto College / Northwest Vista College to increase the transfer rate of Hispanic students to a four-year university. It will encourage Hispanic community college students to develop early linkages with Texas State University through the newly established University Transfer Centers, mentorship websites, summer camps, faculty networking, and experiential learning fieldtrips and have a retention rate at or higher than that of the university. The grant will train 50 Hispanic scholars in the course “Preparing Communities for Agroterrorism.”
This grant is the first one awarded to Texas State University since it achieved the status of a “Hispanic Serving Institution.” It is housed in the Department of Agriculture and directed by Dr. Douglas Morrish and Dr. Ryan Saucier.