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Outdoor Classroom

Ag Buidling Outdoor classroom
Ag Building Outdoor Classroom

- Prior to construction, the Living Library garden included small sitting areas within patios/tables, but did not include a larger area for classes or bigger groups to gather.  -We use the Living Library garden often as our outdoor laboratory space for multiple classes, so it made sense to construct a space in which a whole class could meet.  -Additionally, sometimes groups/classes from other departments were meeting in our garden in the big circular area outside of the organic gardening plots on nice days, so building an alternative gathering spot for larger groups became necessary just so that we could use the garden.

- The Environmental Service Committee on campus provided the funds to construct the area.

- Most of the Living Library areas are built by students, but because this project required more dirt-moving and load bearing walls, it was hired out to Gardens by Lisa, Lisa Carpenter Prewitt.  -An alum, Greg Franks, was involved in the construction of the area.

-We will use the area as a gathering spot for classes with laboratories that meet outside in the Living Library garden, such as:

AG 3308 Organic Gardening

AG 3305 Woody Plant

AG 3302 Herbaceous Plant Materials

AG 4304, Landscape Management

-We hope that other groups/classes will utilize the space when available.


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